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Dr. Raymond Wlodkowski, Ph.D.


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  Teaching Intensive and Accelerated Courses: Instruction that Motivates Learning
Raymond J. Wlodkowski, Margery B. Ginsberg
ISBN: 978-0-7879-6893-9
Paperback, 240 pages
August 2010

From the Site: "In this comprehensive resource, Raymond J. Wlodkowski and Margery B. Ginsberg describe how to meet the challenge of teaching intensive and accelerated courses to nontraditional learners and working adults. By making motivation and cultural relevance essential to instruction, they clearly show what instructors can do to enhance learning in classes that can last from three to six hours. Teaching Intensive and Accelerated Courses makes full use of the authors' twenty years of experience researching and teaching accelerated courses, along with selected strategies from Wlodkowski's classic Enhancing Adult Motivation to Learn, to offer tried-and-true practices instructors can use to provide continuously engaging learning."


Diversity and Motivation: Culturally Responsive Teaching in College, 2nd Edition
Margery B. Ginsberg, Raymond J. Wlodkowski
ISBN: 978-0-470-61478-5
E-Book or Hardcover
November 2009
From the Site: "This revised and updated second edition of Diversity and Motivation offers a comprehensive understanding of teaching methods that promote respect, relevance, engagement, and academic success. Margery B. Ginsberg and Raymond J. Wlodkowski base their insights and concrete suggestions on their experiences and research as college faculty. The book defines norms, illustrates practices, and provides tools to develop four foundational conditions for intrinsically motivated learning: establishing inclusion, developing a positive attitude, enhancing meaning, and engendering competence. The authors provide perspectives on the social justice implications of each condition."


Enhancing Adult Motivation to Learn: A Comprehensive Guide for Teaching All Adults, 3rd Edition
Raymond J. Wlodkowski
ISBN: 978-0-7879-9520-1
528 pages
April 2008

From the Site: "New to this edition is the blending of a neuroscientific understanding of motivation and learning with an instructional approach responsive to linguistically and culturally different adult learners. Based on the most current educational and biological research, Enhancing Adult Motivation to Learn addresses issues that focus on deepening learner motivation and helping adults to want to learn. In the book, Raymond J. Wlodkowski offers a clear framework and sixty practical, research-based strategies that are designed to elicit and encourage learner motivation. In addition, the book is filled with practical examples, guidelines for instructional planning, and cutting-edge ideas for assessment and transfer of learning."
Accelerated Learning for Adults: The Promise and Practice of Intensive Educational Formats: New Directions for Adult and Continuing Education, No. 97
Raymond J. Wlodkowski (Editor), Carol E. Kasworm (Editor)
ISBN: 978-0-7879-6794-9
112 pages
May 2003

From the site: "Accelerated learning programs have increased dramatically and gained widespread attention in adult higher education. They have also received criticism regarding their value and potential impact on the quality of learning in colleges and universities. This volume of New Directions for Adult and Continuing Education is the first major publication that addresses the current practice and research of accelerated learning formats in higher education. The contributors to this volume explore the scope and substance of accelerated learning as it is practiced in colleges and universities. Practitioner guidelines and insights are offered for best practices in program and course design, learning strategies, and assessment approaches, as well as the integration of distance learning and service-learning into accelerated learning programs."